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Instruction RDR Online


Before activating the key:

  • Check that your Windows version matches our description. If you made a mistake when purchasing and your version is not supported, you will not be able to request a refund after activating the key.
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Restart your computer before launching the software (mandatory)


  1. The error "Could not continue executing the code because the system did not find MSVCR110.dll ... or VCRUNTIME140_1.dll ..."
    Download Redistributable Package Visual C++ для Visual Studio 2015 - 2019
  2. Additionally, please make sure you restart your PC before running the software.
We remind you that using software is always a risk!
  • You purchase the software at your own risk.
  • Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection against blocking (with any software, a ban is possible in any game).
  • If the update is in the game, wait for the software update.
  • Use based on your own risk.
  • Remove antivirus
  • Disable SmartScreen
  • Disable Windows defender
  • Delete FaceIt and Vanguard
    FaceIt is a standalone anti-cheat for CS: GO games
     Vanguard is an anti-cheat for Valorant

Starting instructions:

  1. Create a folder on the desktop and unzip the program there.
  2. Run the software file as administrator.
  3. Enter the key and click "Login" (change to activate key).
  4. Press "Launch"
  5. Wait for "Waiting for game...".
  6. Launch the game.
  7. After lobby connections, press "Insert" to open/close the software menu. Use the arrows or numpad to move through the tabs

Errors and their solutions:

  1. Contact support:

News and updates:
If you have questions or problems, support contacts: