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Instruction MASON Rust


Before activating the key:

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Restart your computer


  1. The error "Could not continue executing the code because the system did not find MSVCR110.dll ... or VCRUNTIME140_1.dll ..."
    Download Redistributable Package Visual C++ для Visual Studio 2015 - 2019
  2. Error 0x1288 - Check the time on the PC, and check the checkbox to synchronize time with the Internet. Restart the Lauder 1-2 times.
  3. Error 0x10 - Your key end
We remind you that using software is always a risk!
  • You purchase the software at your own risk.
  • Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection against blocking (with any software, a ban is possible in any game).
  • If the update is in the game, wait for the software update.
  • Use based on your own risk.
  • Remove antivirus
  • Disable SmartScreen
  • Disable Windows defender
  • Delete FaceIt and Vanguard
    FaceIt is a standalone anti-cheat for CS: GO games
     Vanguard is an anti-cheat for Valorant

Starting instructions:

  2. Follow the link:, in the "key" field, screenshot:, paste your key that you received after payment, screenshot:, for this, on the page at the link just above, left-click on the field for entering the key to make it active and right-click select "paste", an example is shown in the screenshot:, then click on the "download" button, screenshot:, after that, wait for some time for the server to generate a custom loader for you, the preparation process is as follows:;
  3. After the server generates a loader for you and it is downloaded, go to your download folder and find a file with a random name, an example is shown in the screenshot:, the name of your loader will be different, this is an example , then move it to any place convenient for you, except for the folder with the game;
  4. Run the loader file with the right mouse button as administrator, an example is shown in the screenshot:, after a couple of seconds the loader window will open, screenshot:, after that You need to copy your key that you received after payment, an example is shown in the screenshot:, then you need to paste it into the key entry field in the loader window, screenshot:, to do this, click once with the left mouse button on the field for entering the key and press the key combination “CTRL + V or the right mouse button, select “Paste”, then click on the “Load” button screenshot: screenshot:, after that you need to wait for the loader to close, it will close automatically after the injection process is completed and you will see the inscription in the loader “SUCCES: START GAME!”, an example is shown in the screenshot: https: //, this means that the injection was successful, then you need to start the game IMMEDIATELY. IMPORTANT, the game must first be switched to “window mode” after the game is fully loaded to the main menu, go to the server.
  5. Setting keys for using the program functions:
    - Spider Man, F3 key;
    - Admin mode, F4 key;
    - No Recoil&AntiSpread (enable / disable), F5 key (On some game servers, this function may not work, because security plugins may be installed);
    - ESP, F6 key;
    - Emergency shutdown of the cheat, Del (Delete) key.
  6. Commands in the game console:
    - Remove garbage from ESP "culling.env 0"
    - Make boxes move smoother "culling.entityupdaterate 750"
    - Debug camera (only works with enabled Admin mode) “debug.debugcamera”
    - Always day (works only with Admin mode enabled) turn on “admintime 12”, turn off “admintime -1”
    - For servers on which protection against camera debug is installed, in case you experience problems when using it, you need to use commands to the game console every N seconds: camlerp 10, camspeed 10.

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